Aishwarya Janwadkar

Junior Product Designer

Aishwarya graduated from Parsons School of Design with a major in Product Design. She met Barent and the beginning stages of the Testing Our Waters project during her foundation year when Barent was giving a presentation about the hardware trawl to her Sustainable Systems class. Aishwarya immediately became interested in the project and kept in contact with Barent who taught her Materials and Manufacturing Processes class her Sophomore year. When Barent’s project received funding, Aishwarya became one of the two students to be first hired by the project. After several productive internships Aishwarya has become a strongly seasoned and hard working junior product designer with extraordinary creative thinking and project design abilities. She facilitates daily operations and works on a variety of projects such as packaging design, focus group studies, 3D modeling, product testing, and life cycle assessment.